Frequently Asked Questions

What do the fish usually get fed?

8mm sinking pellet

For 2021 pellet is available in 25kg bags priced at £45.00

Please let us know a few weeks in advance if you require this

What local shops are close by?

A small village is located just ten minutes away and has a bakers, mini-mart, pharmacy, cash machine, vets and petrol station.

Are there any worthwhile sites to visit locally?

If you love rural France there are many places to visit and the area is a historian’s paradise. The accommodation has all the leaflets of local attractions on the dining table and once our new website is up and running in January there will be a whole page showing what’s available locally.

What time can we arrive and set up?

Guests must be out of the accommodation on the Saturday by 10-00 to enable us to clean the accommodation ready for the next guests who can move in at 14-00. There is nothing to stop you turning up earlier to get set up and fish while the accommodation is prepared for you. However this four hour time slot is also used for any noisy groundworks and a weekly bonfire. Due to Covid we ask you not to arrive before 10-00 as our previous guests may still be on site.

What do we need to bring with us?

Bear in mind this is rural France, if you have the space in the car bring everything you can from an English supermarket. Prices are much higher in France and choice is limited. Fresh bedding is provided at the start of your stay.

Mats, nets and weighing slings are all provided and we do ask that you use these to reduce the risk of contamination from other waters.

Where is the best place to fish the lake?

Everyone asks where the best place to fish is! There appears to be no best place – if it’s very hot and sunny the best results have come from the top of the lake which is more shaded. Night fishing has generally proved to be good off the bank adjacent to the caravan.

What have other people caught recently?

On the dining room table is a catch report book that we do ask you to complete so other guests like yourselves can see what’s being caught regularly and where. From 2019 this will be updated weekly on our new website.

Can I drink the local water?

As for the water, well the locals and we here at the lake drink it! The local village pumping station was upgraded last year and we have installed an additional 3-stage filter system with UV treatment.

Are bait boats allowed?

It’s your holiday and you have exclusive use of the lake – unlike other lakes we have no objection to bait boats.

Lake Rules

Some dos and don’ts to ensure everyone has a good holiday.


Directions to help you find us, plus some useful driving advice and info for when you arrive.

Safety info

Some health and safety information that we’d ask you to read.