The below risks identified may be present around any site containing water and woodland and as such should not be deemed as all-encompassing and therefore do not cover every possible risk. Each person should take care when undertaking any activity around water and shall be responsible for their own health and safety and that of their own children.

  • Grass banks around water’s edge which can become slippery if wet
  • Wooden decking and bridge flooring which can become slippery if wet
  • Steep lake banks
  • Possible sharp edges from trees and reed beds around lake edge
  • 1970’s wooden bridge leading to lake island has recently been upgraded Care should be taken when crossing NO RUNNING AND IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CROSS THE BRIDGE ONE/TWO PERSONS MAXIMUM AT ANY ONE TIME. Whilst this bridge was erected in the 1970’s it is perfectly usable and safe provided sensible access is used. In wet weather it is slippery and in dry weather splinters appear on the handrails.
  • If fishing from island, bivvies must be erected on island and not on the bank before the bridge
  • Care should be taken when un hooking predatory Pike should they be caught at the lake
  • In France and as in the UK Adder snakes can be found in any woodland areas therefore care should be taken if walking or crawling within such areas. Located within the lodge Velcro fixed to the top of the fridge freezer is a snake bite kit which will extract any such bite venom. Please note however no such incident has ever occurred.
  • There are 2 general rubbish bins which are emptied every Friday morning these bins must be put outside the gates on the road side Thursday evening. There is one glass bottle bin and one plastic bottle bin, we don’t expect you to run to the local bottle bank and empty these bins, all we ask is you use them correctly
  • Weather can change very quickly at the lake, at the first sign of a thunder storm it is compulsory to remove all rods from the water.
  • A boat with oars is available should you get snagged, only one person is permitted in the boat at any time, wearing the life jacket provided in the boat is compulsory.