The Lake

The lake is approximately 2.5 acres surrounded by woodland, mature and immaculate grounds with attractive trees and bushes. There is access on foot around the entire lake and parking is located next to the mobile home, which is about 15 metres away from lake. In addition the entire grounds are completely fenced with a gated entrance.

Because the lake is naturally spring fed by 5 different springs, the water is crystal clear. It is continually being replaced as excess water is removed from one end of the lake via an overflow system. As a result, the water is fully oxygenated at all times throughout the year providing the fish with healthy surroundings.

Water levels are consistent all year round due to the abundance from the under ground springs. There are 3 well placed swims and a small island which is accessible via a bridge. Here you can fish either end off the island and there is also enough room to put a bivvy up. Night fishing is permitted and there is a full range of baits available on site.

There is a small storage area next to the mobile home which has its own chest freezer for anyone that wishes to bring there own bait (only branded names freezer baits allowed) and to store fishing tackle/muddy boots etc. All landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided and must be used at all times.

See full lake rules.

Lake Photos

Fish Stock

When the lake was drained in October 2007 the current fish stock consisted of numerous carp – Mirrors and Commons, Tench and Pike.

Almost three quarters of a tonne of carp were added to the lake in early 2008, ranging from mid twenties to late thirties.

Furthermore, in 2009 half a tonne of Common and Mirror carp up to late forties were added.

In 2019 an additional six 12 lbs Commons were added to the lake from the stock pond.