Respect the fish

  • Before lifting a fish from the water, ensure you have transferred it to a weigh sling into the cradle! Make sure all fins are flat against the body! Use carp care kits on body or mouth if required! Ensure you have a bucket of water to hand!
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Rods not to be left un attended at any time
  • Ensure the carp can free itself from the lead if the line breaks, fish safety is our priority
  • No lead core
  • Landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are all provided on site and we insist these are used to reduce the risk of contamination from other waters
  • The rowing boat is not for recreational use (especially by children) but is there for use should you need to retrieve floating equipment or snagged lines in trees/bushes. Life jackets are hanging in the bait freezer shed and we insist that one is worn when out on the water
  • Only baits supplied, or fresh/freezer baits allowed
  • No sacking of fish at night for daytime photographs
  • Minimum of 15lb main line to be used
  • And finally, Charlie and Stephanie the Sturgeon
    They are greedy, and you will probably catch them daily, although some will find annoying please, please don’t stuff them into the stock pond, they are too big for this, this is probably why Charlie has a bent tail as some not so kind anglers last season did just this !
    For those not familiar with sturgeon, please play the fish with care, please take your time at releasing the fish, they require at least 15 minutes within their weight slings in the water and hold the fish by the tail until the sturgeon is ready to swim away! Do not allow the fish to go upside down at any time

Respect the venue

  • No fish to be taken from the lake or transferred between lakes without the lake owner’s permission.
  • No fishing allowed in the stock pond without prior permission from the owners
  • Maximum 2 rods per angler/fished in the same swim.
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, and guests could be asked to leave.
  • Definitely no open fires
  • We want everyone to have a great holiday
  • Please leave the facilities in the clean and tidy condition that you find them! If you find the facilities in an untidy condition, please make us aware of this.